Let Your Light So Shine

I find this simulated image of a black hole slightly terrifying – that gaping hole of nothingness from which there is no escape. To me, it hints of the isolation, anxiety, and despair that many people are experiencing right now, in the middle of the Covid 19 crisis. Not unlike that bleak painting by Edward Munch, The Scream. It makes me think of the barreness of post modernism, the nihilism that is at the root of much current thought and education. (Apologies – this is the kind of rhetoric you get on Day 15.)

A grim little verse that needs no elaboration.

Into the Void

Black holes suck.
Stars give
light, heat
power to live.
But black holes suck.

I didn’t realize until tonight how these 2 simple little poems I wrote years ago play off each other. Different in style and tone but each expressing the cry of God’s heart expressed in the book of Deuetronomy 30: 15 – 19 “…I have set before you life and prosperity, and death and adversity…choose life in order that you might live…

Be Bread Broken

Be bread broken.
Be wine poured.
Manna rots overnight.
It can’t be stored.

Dynamite dams.
Let the river flow
The source is endless.
Just let go.

 Cast off your masks .
Let your beauty blaze.
There is oil aplenty
for all our nights and days.

Walk on water.
Walk through walls.
Dare to follow
wherever He calls.

Go in peace, my friends and remember – we only shine when we are connected to the power supply.

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