Hollow Eggs

I rather enjoy the restrictions forced by form: a sonnet, haiku, limerick, or ballad. Even Twitter’s original 140 character limit was a good challenge, requiring every word to pull its weight. ( My tweets felt flabbier when they doubled the allowed number.) And now, what joy! I just discovered a website devoted to sonnets.* ThisContinue reading “Hollow Eggs”

Hope Rises – in 2020

The world-encompassing rollercoaster ride called 2020 has not been optional for any of us. There have been enough twists, turns, and terrors this year to satisfy the most crazed adrenaline addict and to unsettle most everyone else. No line-up for tickets for this ride! But here we are, with the threat of chaos following theContinue reading “Hope Rises – in 2020”

A Cry for Justice

The well known Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, famously challenged  young people, (who have been inundated since childhood by media, educators and politicians focussing on every flaw and weakness in the history of Western Civilization), with the statement, “Clean your room.”  He helped thousands of them discover that maturity, self-worth and hope come from taking responsibilityContinue reading “A Cry for Justice”

The Difficult Years

It’s taken me a long while to get this written and if any of you are wondering why I would bother or even consider doing so, two reasons. First, I can’t help but wonder how couples are faring during this challenging time, how increased proximity, possibly homeschooling, job loss – and financial stress, plus fearsContinue reading “The Difficult Years”

Naked and Unashamed

I used to aim high. I enjoyed a challenge. Knitting? Here’s a funky Kafe Fasset sweater with 20 different colored yarns. Sewing? Yves Saint Laurent has some great patterns. Hey, Martha Stewart’s wedding cake only takes a week to make. And I did manage to accomplish some of the challenging things I attempted, (the cast-offContinue reading “Naked and Unashamed”