I’m beginning to lose track of how many days we are into this lockdown and this is perhaps a funny title to serve you in the middle of this time when we are all called to isolation. But the apostle Paul prayed that our hearts would be knit together in love, Col 2:2. Let’s learn what that means – and especially reach out to the already isolated.

I read this at my mother’s funeral. My father had always adored her – through all the trials and travails of their marriage (and there were many). In the middle of many painful memories I have the knowledge, the firm foundation of their love. Love must show itself somehow – and this simple act of his, a ritual whenever he was home, taught me that.


All winter long my father rose early 
and started the coffee and porridge. 
He was hopeless in the kitchen,
but Mom had to have that first cup in bed.

My porridge would be lumpy: 
he never stayed to stir 
but preferred to go to her, 
smiling, cup in hand.
By half-past seven, the porridge 
was a sticky mass you could slice.
I can still feel the heft of a spoonful.

I saw a column in the paper yesterday - 
“Scientists can’t understand 
how the universe coheres -
how solar systems exist.
The whole thing should have
come apart with  the force of the big bang.”
I know how...
no,  I know who.
It's you, Lord.
You are the glue that holds things together.
It's love – sticky old love.
 I stick to you, stick to she,
 sticks to he, sticks to they 
stick to we, stick to Him
and it all holds together. 
What isn't love comes undone.

How can the world cohere 
when our days start
cold, flaked and shredded?

Paul tells us in Romans 8:28 that, “…all things work together for good…” In the middle of this confusing time I’m hearing a lot of good reports – people connecting in new and sometimes deeper ways. Certainly stranger ways, on Zoom, on Skype, on FB – on Dasher. Whoops, that last one was Santa. So, today, let’s stick together, let’s love one another, cherish one another and extend grace (that wonderful oil that keeps the machine moving.)

4 thoughts on “Cohesion

  1. You make me laugh, dear sister, at the memories. What a wonderful way you have of “seeing” the beauty in things!


  2. I do remember you sharing this poem at mom’s celebration service in Penticton (March 2009)…….it’s profound because it’s biblically sound……In Him, we live and move and have our being.


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