Index to Poems

I thought I would add an index just for the poems as it is a bit of a journey to go back and find a particular one though all the posts. There is a search bar at the bottom of the page so if you enter the title in that space it should take you to the post. Should. I have much to learn about this platform.

  1. The Hollow Eggs (sonnet)
  2. Quenched
  3. Girl Talk
  4. There’s No PLace Like Home; You Must Be Born Again
  5. Masterpiece
  6. Hope Rises
  7. A Cry For Justice
  8. I Fold; Forty (from The Difficult Years)
  9. Naked and Unashamed
  10. Fish Tales (ballad, humor)
  11. Stoneboat (a narrative in three parts – for Karen and Harvey)
  12. Net Worth
  13. Foundations
  14. The Seventh Hole
  15. Nates (humor)
  16. Called Upstream
  17. Rip Tide
  18. Lunar Reflections
  19. Hope Rises
  20. Deep Rooted (from The Difficult Years)
  21. Sylvia Was Right (humor – sort of)
  22. Into The Void; Be Bread Broken
  23. Cohesion
  24. Sun Dried Memories (sonnet for Magdalena)
  25. Morning at the Laudromat (from The Difficult Years)
  26. You Must Be Born Again
  27. When The Bough Breaks
  28. Pronouns (narrative)
  29. Houseguest
  30. A Breakfast Poem (humor -for Luke)
  31. Hide and Seek
  32. Believing is Seeing (narrative)
  33. Consent

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