When the Bough Breaks

A few years ago a back hoe levelled a part of our yard so we could build a patio. I was shocked to see the size of the tree roots that were exposed some 50 feet away from the towering maples on the edge of the yard. I cowered under those trees once during a fierce storm, astonished at the buffeting they withstood. It was reassuring to recall the breadth and depth of that root system as I huddled there, terrified the tree would be uprooted.

Storms hit our lives. Young/old, wealthy/poor, male/female – it’s an equal opportunity promise and there is nothing we can do to prevent them. Sickness, relationship problems, finances, “…in this world you will have troubles.” Yes, some are self induced and wisdom would prevent them, but others are simply the inevitable part of living in a PlanB world. I have experienced a few such storms and they can be scary. But being anchored deep in Jesus’ love and wisdom has helped me withstand the winds that could have uprooted my life. (It’s always sad to see massive trees felled after a particularly harsh storm.) I want the storms that come my way to send my roots down even deeper while the winds rattle me. I may lose the odd branch – those not so healthy and thriving ones, but I am confident that I will stand.

I learned this little kid’s song at camp last summer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeUBnWrh280&list=RDMeUBnWrh280&start_radio=1 I’m sure it’s cringeworthy for the accomplished musicians but the sentiment is solid and I find myself singing it when I need a reminder.

When The Bough Breaks

Cynics say we spend our lives
grasping for the branches
in a void devoid
of love or purpose.
Hollow hours and shallow goals
are all we can expect.
Hope is the enemy.

So they stamp out
flickering wicks
in tinder dry hearts,
dash embers of truth
with bitter water.
But as for me,
I'll reap the broken branches
of my storm tossed life,
and implore the Lord for fire.
Each blazing brand
shall show the way
'til I stand in
His light.

Beneath are the everlasting arms.

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