When I was buying a new bed a few years back, the saleman asked me how long I wanted my guests to stay. Apparently there are beds that are comfortable indefinitely, for three days or maybe not even overnight. I’m sure we’ve all had guests we can apply to each of those categories – no nightmare stories please.

I feel like it took me an inordinately long time to know what it was I was meant to do as a follower of Jesus. It would be humiliating to tell you all the twists and bumps and turns I’ve made along the way, but a close reading of Pilgrim’s Progress would reveal some of them. If the Bible spoke ‘webspeak’ I’m sure we would see Jesus doing SMH often. And emojis! Fortunately he is patient, long suffering, gracious and merciful. And boy, have I drawn on all those qualities.

So, I like this poem. It reminds me that what he really wants is just a little space.


Some gods demand we crawl on broken glass to meet them,
 ascend mountains to learn of them, 
or keep a thousand rules to please them.
You simply asked to move in.

Then, (like some crazy relative) - 
you  arrived -
 with luggage for a lifetime.

I laugh at our  future, 
shrinking space
on the shelves
of my life

Two final things. First, my sister, who poor dear was forced to share a room with me for a few years could tell you I was almost as messy as the first picture shows. Certainly my life needed that much reordering.

And secondly. I can’t wait to find out what’s inside the striped suitcase.

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