At Bay

There was a time when I felt so much shame about myself that I did a lot of isolating, long before it became mandatory due to Covid 19. I simply did not want people to know the truth about me, my failures, my many shortcomings. (At one point I remember my face being sore from a constant attempt to look cheerful.) A counsellor suggested I attend Alanon and over a period of several years I did some hard work examining the beliefs and ideas that had shaped me. This poem is about that process.

At Bay

You can see through glass.
You can see in and out.
You can hear through glass.
You can live almost normally.

No one  knows it is there,
until they try to draw near
and  are rudely deflected.
by its cold hard touch.

Everything is safe -
just one  quick wipe
with Windex once a week.

Then He ambled by
with love so tangible 
I flung one window wide.
Love has to touch you.

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